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Asthma Inhaler Misuse Linked to Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Adolescents

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Video about can you get high from an inhaler:

Six said they obtained their inhalers from friends. Something should be done to stop this before more people die from it. Addiction to aerosol treatment:

Can you get high from an inhaler

A gender-specific measure of binge drinking among college students. National Institute on Drug Abuse;

Can you get high from an inhaler

Can you get high from an inhaler

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  1. Sazshura says:

    In either case, prescription asthma inhalers should only be used under the appropriate medical supervision to allow for proper therapeutic monitoring and adjustments in medication use as needed.

  2. Malahn says:

    Every single drug has side effects. Limited survey data suggest that approximately 20 percent of individuals using OTC epinephrine inhalers have mild-to-moderate persistent asthma.

  3. Judal says:

    Also can you get asthma from using inhalers when you don't have it?

  4. Vulrajas says:

    Safety of over-the-counter inhalers for asthma:

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