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How to get from Macedonia to Capari by train, bus, taxi or car

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Take the first ball which will have flattened slightly , dust and knead again into an even ball, flatten using the palm of your hand, flipping times and roll out to 20cm in diameter, rest on a flour dusted plate. Take the other rolled dough from your other plate and repeat steps 5 and 6 and continue to do this until the tray has been filled you will need approx. Spiro Gacheff Spiro Goshev?

Capari macedonia

Repeat this process another 15 times and only dust with flour every times or as required e. Starting in the centre, arrange in an even coil on your oiled round baking tray in a snail shape. Allow to rest uncovered for 30 minutes.

Capari macedonia

Capari macedonia

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  1. Kazibei says:

    Jovan Tantcheff Jovan Tanchev?

  2. Kigazahn says:

    I'm almost certain Macedonian was not listed at that time, while Bulgarian was. Dust with flour again, wrap one end of the sheet over the rod and quickly roll while gently pulling the dough, unroll in the opposite direction, i.

  3. Kazrat says:

    Allow to rest uncovered for 30 minutes. Starting in the centre, arrange in an even coil on your oiled round baking tray in a snail shape.

  4. Mikarr says:

    Spiro Gacheff Spiro Goshev? Velian Krsteff Veljan Krstev?

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