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Video about ck60:

Materials like the mentioned one are able to temper only by being cooled down in air. They are quite ductile, can be machined or formed with relative ease, and can be welded by any process.


The latter one - I request your understanding - should not be dealt with herein since this one is the most intricate one from the metallurgical side and it would take more than this short reply on the forum to explain it in a way it would have deserved. May the Almighty God give now that I have found the right words for my short explanations. Nonetheless also steel-materials of those "exotic" compositions have to be welded in some cases.



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5 Responses

  1. Yozshusho says:

    I do not want to deal with the explanation of this type of diagram, but what you can see is, the longer the time for cooling down the material from temperature levels above A3, the lower the materials hardness circled numbers in Hardness Vickers after cooling down to room temperature.

  2. Mazusida says:

    Thanks anyway for your time You can use simple high Carbon containing hardfacing-electrodes for this kind of welding they "only" need to have a high inertia of their austenite-transformation, i.

  3. Fejar says:

    These are, I must repeat, normally available from the base-material supplier steel mill etc. I truly would not have not expected another reaction, because I strongly believe in the forums people expertise and directly coupled with that, their responsibility in any advise they are providing via the forum.

  4. Zuktilar says:

    Once again on this temperature level the entire welding sequence is performed.

  5. Sharg says:

    Or just as you have already mentioned you can also use a pure austenitic filler-metal, e. The thing is that I can calculate the required preheating temperature from the carbon equivalent and also the needed post weld heat treatment procedure but I'm still not sure about the type of the filler metal that I have to use in order to minimize the risk of any hot cracking and of course to succeed the desired strength

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