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Ballroom dance

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Eventually, the first definite cleavage between ballet and ballroom came when professional dancers appeared in the ballets, and the ballets left the Court and went to the stage. Here the huge Arthur Murray organisation in America, and the dance societies in England, such as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing , were highly influential.

Contemporary ballroom dance music

In times past, ballroom dancing was social dancing for the privileged, leaving folk dancing for the lower classes. In competitive ballroom, dancers are judged by diverse criteria such as poise, the hold or frame, posture, musicality and expression, timing, body alignment and shape, floor craft, foot and leg action, and presentation.

Contemporary ballroom dance music

Contemporary ballroom dance music

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    In competitions, competitors are costumed as would be appropriate for a white tie affair, with full gowns for the ladies and bow tie and tail coats for the men; though in American Smooth it is now conventional for the men to abandon the tailsuit in favor of shorter tuxedos , vests, and other creative outfits.

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    Definitions and history[ edit ] Galliard in Siena , Italy, 15th century The term 'ballroom dancing' is derived from the word ball which in turn originates from the Latin word ballare which means 'to dance' a ball-room being a large room specially designed for such dances.

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    International Latin and American Rhythm have different styling, and have different dance figures in their respective syllabi. These boundaries have since become blurred.

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    The levels are split into two categories, syllabus and open. The scorekeepers—called scrutineers—will tally the total number recalls accumulated by each couple through each round until the finals, when the Skating system is used to place each couple by ordinals, typically 1—6, though the number of couples in the final may vary.

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