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Date Night Ideas in Grand Rapids

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How does he deal with being outside of his comfort zone? While Ethiopian cuisine may not be an obvious first choice, the experience sans silverware and frills rarely disappoints, even for the most skeptical diner.

Date ideas grand rapids

Belly laughs will ensue as the ensemble of four charms the audience with their clever wit. For an experience that will drop your jaw to the ground, give Super Happy Funtime Burlesque a try.

Date ideas grand rapids

Date ideas grand rapids

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  1. JoJora says:

    Belly laughs will ensue as the ensemble of four charms the audience with their clever wit.

  2. Tuk says:

    So it's no surprise that, when the opportunity for a first date presents itself, many of us rack our suddenly empty brains and blurt out: Michigan is home to some of the best breweries in the nation and more than wineries.

  3. Kazrajar says:

    Much to her surprise, she fell head-over-heels in love with the city that feeds her affinity for design, music, food and inspiring people.

  4. Magis says:

    Spend an evening at Brush Studio in East Grand Rapids, an art studio that helps you create a painted masterpiece. Or let a chef lead the evening while you learn a new kitchen skill together at the Downtown Market.

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