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Top 10 Reasons People Get Rid Of Their Waterbeds

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Some later lawsuits were dismissed because of laches. This all sits on an upholstered box, similar to a box spring. Success was short-lived, however, as cheap imitators quickly flooded the market.

Do they still make waterbeds

In the early s, Dr. A typical heating pad consumes — watts of power.

Do they still make waterbeds

Do they still make waterbeds

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  1. Tagami says:

    There are many brands and sizes of waterbeds, but there are two main types of waterbed mattresses available:

  2. Kigale says:

    Waterbeds could also spring leaks as Edward Scissorhands showed , which could be patched but, again, added to the cost and hassle. We like hippies, but the waterbed industry hippies were apparently not in the right frame of mind to make good business decisions.

  3. Gacage says:

    So if waterbeds were so wonderful, what happened to sales?

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