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Funny Spanish Jokes

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This is especially true when the humour comes from wordplay; puns rarely work in more than one language. It has very simple words and it is really easy to understand. This joke is funny because although we think we are going to hear about three kinds of people, we only hear about two.

Funny jokes in spanish

You can also look for Spanish stand up. Can we learn from Spanish jokes?

Funny jokes in spanish

Funny jokes in spanish

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  1. Kazidal says:

    Para ser como yo debes ser sincero. Its name sounds like the word ruina, which means a ruin or a wreck.

  2. Dagami says:

    Want to learn Spanish from content you love? Do you know which two words will really open doors for you in the world?

  3. Faezil says:

    I like this one. Para ser como yo debes ser sincero.

  4. Bacage says:

    Where did the Wine Come From? On the one hand, it means July, and on the other hand it is a name.

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