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Record-setting 17-foot Burmese python caught in South Florida, officials say

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Video about giant snakes in florida:

There are 4 factors explaining why larger pythons, or snakes in general, eat larger prey items. In Mississippi, the story isn't much better. Analysis of more than 50 samples yielded up to 3.

Giant snakes in florida

The photo was accompanied by this text: The pine trees in the background as well as the look of the snake make me think the photograph was taken in the southeastern United States. Specifically, in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission instituted regulations requiring permits for boas and pythons greater than 2 in.

Giant snakes in florida

Giant snakes in florida

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  1. Tojajinn says:

    A large prey item for a Timber Rattlesnake would be a grey squirrel, so I don't think dog owners should spend much time worrying about their pets being eaten, but of course they should use caution while in rattlesnake country.

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