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A Gray State

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It was pretty much chronological. You have to have a certain kind of detachment to go through it. Credibility means nothing to me.

Gray state the movie

He was a conscientious objector for his second tour. It was a disturbingly intimate relationship with this guy.

Gray state the movie

Gray state the movie

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He had it all: Here was your impression of Komel?. Gray state the movie

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  1. Kajigami says:

    Kramer July 5, On one hand, Gray State was a delusion that used real events as artful fertilizer; on another, it was a sincere autobiographical portrait of a tortured and intelligent mind, which was better connected to the id of the American populace than most respected political pundits.

  2. Gonris says:

    How much footage did you have to work from? How do you describe his political stance?

  3. Dojar says:

    How do you describe his political stance? Nonetheless, there remain plenty of observers convinced that the government wanted to silence him and his film.

  4. Tygole says:

    I call it a core sample of American crazy.

  5. Tojajora says:

    A great boon to us was the four-hour interview with him talking about his entire life. The unbelievable cakes she made — when I found those pictures, I thought what the hell?

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