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10 Reasons to Date a Guy with Pierced Nipples That Might Surprise You!

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Do you want to do it? This is often mistaken for swelling, though it is actually quite different. Nope, not hot here.

Guys with nipple piercing

Not a turn-on for me. I did not know they were supposed to be a "gay" thing on men. That's another benefit of being thirty.

Guys with nipple piercing

Guys with nipple piercing

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5 Responses

  1. Totilar says:

    I don't see why you shouldn't explore in the meantime, it doesn't require a major investment of time or money.

  2. Bralmaran says:

    It's going to look much hotter on an athletic physique, as opposed to an accountant-type with man boobs - they need to be enhancing what you've already got, so to speak. Nipples, however, are prone to development a semipermanent or lasting change in the shape, dimensions, and texture of the localized nipple and areola tissue.

  3. Taulabar says:

    While common, this is not a universal response to nipple piercing. You're in a greater position from which to note when others' vestigial high-school judgmental instincts kick in, and remind them lovingly to fuck off.

  4. Faucage says:

    Going to Elayne was an incredible experience. If you do it, do it for yourself - who cares what the squares think.

  5. Shalar says:

    I don't care if anyone pierces their nipples or any other place, I just don't dig the taste of metal in my mouth.

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