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Nipple Piercings: Every Question You've Ever Had, Answered

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Unless you experience significant swelling, your starter jewelry should be long enough. Do not apply any creams, oils, balms, or ointments to your nipple piercings.

How long does a nipple piercing take to heal

If you do irritate your new piercings, ramp up your nipple piercing aftercare efforts until the issue subsides. Absolutely do not play with your nipple jewelry while your piercings are healing.

How long does a nipple piercing take to heal

How long does a nipple piercing take to heal

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  1. Daira says:

    The average nipple piercing healing time is between 9 and 12 months. Most importantly, be prepared for the commitment involved with getting nipple piercings.

  2. Faegis says:

    When purchasing new nipple rings , you should also invest in a piercing taper in the same gauge as your new jewelry.

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