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Sure Jell drug test review | Certo Method

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He did the certo method with a gallon water and puked over and over on the way to testing. This can increase your chances of passing a drug test, but it will heavily dilute your urine.

How long does certo work

I used a tea called "Bissy" to pass once. Certo is high in fiber and carbohydrates; the latter results in an insulin boost in healthy adults which causes the body to store calories for energy rather than using them.

How long does certo work

How long does certo work

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  1. Zulkigore says:

    God help your stomach.

  2. Gardakinos says:

    Certo is so easy to get hold off. Some recommend mixing a pack of Sure Jell with a bottle of water or gatorade drinking it, follow it up with lots of water and urinate twice before the scheduled drug test.

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