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To avoid any confusion about the amount of firewood purchased or sold, Measurement Canada recommends the use of the stacked cubic metre when purchasing or selling bulk firewood. If you have questions or want information about packaged firewood sold at the retail level, please contact the Competition Bureau.

How many face cords in a full cord

Measure the length, height and width of the stack. Write down the licence plate number of the delivery vehicle. But this also varies depending on the types of wood chosen as well as how much moisture the wood contains.

How many face cords in a full cord

How many face cords in a full cord

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  1. Sasho says:

    Since seasoned firewood burns hotter, lights easier and creates less creosote, it costs more than green or wet firewood.

  2. Dim says:

    Next, place four or so pieces of fatwood or other kindling spaced about 1 inch apart on top of the grate or newspaper if using andirons.

  3. Samugul says:

    You can roughly check the dryness of your wood without a moisture meter by knocking two sticks together.

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