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Report: Kmart Is Closing 64 Stores

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Sears Holdings did not yet disclose these locations. An area in the front of the store housed a music and video store, a food court, bank, hair salon, pharmacy and a card store.

Kmart in canton ga

This store is still open as of Most of them were either converted to or rebranded as Big Kmart while some were converted into Super Kmart stores.

Kmart in canton ga

Kmart in canton ga

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  1. Virr says:

    On November 8, , Sears Holdings announced it would close an additional 40 stores, including 11 Kmart stores. Kresge put it consisted of hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, and soft drinks.

  2. Molabar says:

    Kresge stores were converted to a new "Jupiter Discount Stores" brand, which was conceived as a bare-bones, deep discount outfit. After the war, shopping patterns changed and many customers moved out of the cities into the suburbs.

  3. Fautaur says:

    The Great Depression reduced profitability and resulted in store closings, with the number rising to in

  4. Vudotaur says:

    A discount clothing store chain operated in Metro Detroit in the s.

  5. Mazuzshura says:

    During and , Kmart converted 1, of their regular Kmart stores into Big Kmart stores.

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