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Lesbian Latina Character Takes on New Meaning in Trump Era

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That the character's mother and grandmother had different reactions to her coming-out was important to Gomez because it depicted the complexity of the experience. But, for the sake of the conversation I am going to add some background on who I am, in order to add comment to the discussion.

Lesbian latins

Penelope eventually comes around after talking to her mother, Lydia, played by Rita Moreno. But, all I ask is a little understanding of the situation.

Lesbian latins

Lesbian latins

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  1. Tok says:

    That is important for the survival of any relationship.

  2. Kikazahn says:

    And fair enough on your preference with dating Spanish-speaking latinas.

  3. Kalmaran says:

    To become offended or assume that someone is talking about me or purposely excluding me is not a thought that has crossed my mind. Is there a way for others to feel affirmed in their multi-lingual identities even in spaces when the majority of people only speak English?

  4. Kigarg says:

    I just asked, what does that mean and learned what I could in different traditional settings. This year, we finally got some stories and characters that showed real Latina heart.

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