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The same goes for Molly and Aline and Maggie. I lost my job over all this, because i was out sick longer than the amount of time i had fmla available for. All came back normal!

Lily feels ignored in class

Expect they do all emotional labor. If so please comment to me.

Lily feels ignored in class

Lily feels ignored in class

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  1. Doum says:

    So now how do I contact a lawyer involved in this suit, now that i know what it was all about???

  2. Vudogal says:

    Juggling, juggling, juggling — constant juggling of kids, work, meals, housework, while striving to include exercise, bit of a social life, all wrapped up in constant mild exhaustion and the banality of rarely being listened to or taken seriously. The same goes for Molly and Aline and Maggie.

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