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Top 10: Man Codes

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Jayce your comments Dr. It is a very quick read, and is a great tool for any man who has very little knowledge in the area of relationships. The Positives The Man Code tackles a much needed subject within the church.


For Monty Duncombe, 15, the program is highlighting that too often, young males are told to "toughen up and keep quiet". Mr Barry-Donnellan said if the boys are passionate enough, the school will bring their ideas to life.



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  1. Darn says:

    He has a Doctorate, two Masters Degrees, a Bachelor of Science, and a small trophy for perfect attendance in Sunday school from when he was nine. The code the book is named after is a series of numbers that represent certain needs that each man has whether he knows it or not.

  2. Kajile says:

    The first assumption is that all men neglect relationships:

  3. Arashilar says:

    The code numbers 3 and 12 represent certain types of friendships men need in their lives. Mr Barry-Donnellan said the school started with a masculinity workshop for year 9 students, which was was so popular with the boys that it has been expanded into their study and lessons.

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