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Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory

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Video about mcdonalds selling human meat:

Fancy a bright green burger? The report says many meat producers give animals antibiotics to encourage quicker growth or stave off disease, calling it a routine practice. In a statement, McDonald's spokesperson Lauren Altmin said "preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations is highly important" to the company.

Mcdonalds selling human meat

Would you try any of these creations? The report notes that while Fuddruckers, Steak 'n Shake and Farmer Boys — which received "F grades" — have no antibiotics policies, they offer a burger option made of beef raised without antibiotics. As more Americans flock to high-end burger joints, some traditional chains are struggling to keep up.

Mcdonalds selling human meat

Mcdonalds selling human meat

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