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Best Love Songs: Top 100 Love Songs of All Time

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It earned a spot on four different music charts: Lionel Richie and Diana Ross - Endless Love Right from the gentle piano intro to the song, you just know this is going to be an unashamed love-fest.

Most romantic song of all time

It went straight to the top of the charts and garnered a Grammy Award nomination. It explores life's changes, breaking old habits, starting anew and giving love a chance to lead the way.

Most romantic song of all time

Most romantic song of all time

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  1. Nakazahn says:

    The lyrics are full of imagery and tell the autobiographical tale of a young woman falling in love with an older man. It has an indie jazz vibe, a catchy beat and a heaping helping of soul.

  2. Mekora says:

    It was written for Chris Martin's late wife, who had just lost her father. Featuring lush vocal harmonies, soaring strings and a sneaky little sax riff, this is a stone cold classic that everyone knows!

  3. Gardajar says:

    It was co-written by her husband, Mutt Lange.

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