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25 Greatest Classic Rock and Roll Songs

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Then, once the producers had a title for the movie, they also needed a theme song. Anyway, the song was performed live for the first time on Shindig!

Old songs rock

Then, during the s, when Aerosmith hit a lull in popularity, the rap group Run-D. Surprisingly, this version of the song did even better on the Billboard Hot , climbing to 5, and also helped spawn a new genre — rap rock. Eventually, though, Boyd and Harrison got a divorce and Clapton then married Boyd.

Old songs rock

Old songs rock

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  1. Dulkree says:

    This awesome song is a prime example of the astonishing range of expression in rock and roll!

  2. Gardak says:

    The words for the song, seemingly about a man tripping on acid, are simply about a young man going crazy for this foxy lady.

  3. Zulkinos says:

    Layla This is another song with a true story behind it. No drugs required for that, right?

  4. Zurg says:

    The name Layla relates to a book entitled The Story of Layla and Majnun, which tells the tale of Majnun, who falls in love with a beautiful young woman; but her father rejects Majnun and he goes crazy with desire. Eventually, though, Boyd and Harrison got a divorce and Clapton then married Boyd.

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