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While Podjo's practice of martial arts allows him to survive predicaments in which he is physically outnumbered or outmatched, it is his awareness of tradition and cultural memory that guides him throughout the book. The investigation, however, is complicated by the horrific nature of the crimes and events that are unfolding on the island. These learned men were adept at maintaining an extended network of personal relations among a circle of talented and energetic scholars in which constant communication was secured by an immense traffic of epistolary exchanges.


The manuscripts were then copied, and communicated to the learned. Throughout Podjo's adventures, he utilizes the habits and knowledge of long-dead Abenaki warriors who are never far away.



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    Valla claimed that biblical texts could be subjected to the same philological criticism as the great classics of antiquity.

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    This was a Latin poem of 7, lines, divided into six books, giving a full description of the world as viewed by the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus see Epicureanism.

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    Their worldview was eminently characteristic of Italian humanism in the earlier Italian Renaissance , which eventually spread all over Western Europe and led to the full Renaissance and the Reformation, announcing the modern age.

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