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15 Temperament Blends

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The Melancholy-Choleric is, therefore, more pushy and blunt than the other Melancholy combinations. They are pragmatic, doing what needs to be done bluntly rather than worrying about fantasy scenarios.

Powerful choleric

Their pride and drive for dominance, as well as their open expression of emotion, naturally leads to outright aggression when challenged. They are optimistic and full of hope.

Powerful choleric

Powerful choleric

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4 Responses

  1. Mikataxe says:

    They can lie in order to maintain the dominant position. The Phlegmatic-Melancholy is a natural helper and is the most consistent of all the Phlegmatic blends.

  2. Gromuro says:

    Role In our distant ancestors, the choleric members of the pack would be the alphas, the leaders. They believe that it is important to 'say things how they are', to be bluntly honest about their opinions rather than 'sugar-coating' them.

  3. Tasho says:

    Their confidence and demanding natures make them natural leaders, though this doesn't mean that they would necessarily enjoy leadership positions; they're just more likely to take charge if necessary rather than fumbling around worrying.

  4. Daishakar says:

    The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is naturally motivated to bring harmony to their environment.

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