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Assam Bengali Matrimonial Brides.

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Saptapadi — The couple is then asked to go around the holy fire seven times while they chant the sacred wedding vows. Nau purushor sharddho — During this ritual, homage is paid to the ancestors of both families. This includes a lot of haggling and negotiations in good humour between the two sides to decide upon the amount.

Sadi com assam

Reception — Assamese celebrate the wedding reception before the actual wedding. The bride is given panch - amrit, a mixture of ghee, curd, honey, sugar and raw milk, before going to the hall. The bride is brought to the venue with her head covered and there would be mother-in law presents the gifts that she has brought for the bride and her mother.

Sadi com assam

Sadi com assam

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    Dora aaha — The groom's procession is given entry into the bride's home only after they pay a certain amount of money.

  2. Nigore says:

    The coin is given to the bride or groom and the knife is tied to the Gamosa that they have to carry everywhere safely till the wedding is over.

  3. Goltira says:

    Apart from a flower garland he has to wear a garland made of Indian Basil Tulsi leaves and stems.

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