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If My Spouse Filed Our Taxes Jointly Without My Knowledge, What Can I Do?

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Hang on to a copy of the report because you might need it to support your case with the government and creditors that you are a victim of identity theft. Alternatively, you can file your own separate tax return and force the IRS to audit your finances.

Someone filed my taxes without my permission

If you receive an official "C Letter" asking you to verify your identity with the IRS, you should use idverify. If this is the case, you may be able to seek recourse through the family court that's handling your divorce.

Someone filed my taxes without my permission

Someone filed my taxes without my permission

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    Advertisement Place a day fraud alert on your credit report by notifying one of the three major credit bureaus: However, identity thieves still manage to get past IRS filters.

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    If you attempt to file your return electronically and get a message that a return already has been filed under your name or Social Security number, file your return by paper along with an Identity Theft Affidavit, advises an IRS spokesperson.

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    While it's important that you recover any refund to which you're entitled, it's equally important that you assess the condition of your marriage.

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