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Video about what to do if your boyfriend cheats:

I don't care how badly the relationship was going or how checked out you were, there is no reason for anyone to cheat on you. Think of it like a serious injury, like getting stabbed.

What to do if your boyfriend cheats

It means that you want to stay with him and deal with the consequences of his cheating, and doing that means not holding it over his head in an attempt at manipulation. For example, if you're going to stay with him, don't undermine your decision by going public with what's going on in your relationship and demonizing him to your people, who are still going to have to make nice with him now that you're staying. If you're staying with him, you guys can't be on top of each other for awhile.

What to do if your boyfriend cheats

What to do if your boyfriend cheats

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  1. Kazrat says:

    There is a huge difference between the guy who gets drunk at a party and makes out with a girl because she comes onto him and he's just not present in his mind and body and the guy who makes a habit of cheating and has a secret girlfriend and a secret life.

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