Pruning Roses: 7 Steps for Healthy Rose Bushes

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But pruning creates wounds that need time to heal. Instead of deadheading the last blooms of the season, simply remove the petals, allowing the rose hips to form and trigger dormancy. To keep your rose bushes healthy, you should wait for safe weather and the right time of year to bust out your pruning shears and perform an extensive trim.

When to cut back rose bushes

In cold-winter climates, pruning roses in spring is often reduced to one option: You can deadhead until November, snipping wherever you see fading roses.

When to cut back rose bushes

When to cut back rose bushes

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  1. Gocage says:

    In warmer climates, leaving the rose hips on through fall and winter helps trigger dormancy.

  2. Nihn says:

    The main canes come directly from the base and should never be pruned.

  3. Tygot says:

    Keeping pruning to a minimum is best if you want to encourage a full showcase of roses in the summer.

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