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Coroner releases names of children killed in timmonsville shooting suspect

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Video about woman shot in timmonsville:

Investigators say Adams had a firearm when he entered the victims' home, without permission and intended to kill the family. John Rice lives two doors down from where the shooting happened. He says this morning his yard was flooded with Florence County deputies.

Woman shot in timmonsville

Florence County Coroner Keith von Lutcken said he'll release the victims' names when their next of kin is notified. And she would've been 40 August Both remain in the hospital.

Woman shot in timmonsville

Woman shot in timmonsville

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  1. Zulull says:

    Jackson's mother Priscilla LaViscount said her her son-in-law was shot three times and is in stable condition.

  2. Taule says:

    He was told the man accused of shooting the family is a disgruntled ex-boyfriend of Jackson.

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